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  1300 Cabs is one of the best cab service providers in Melbourne. We have started with a limited number of fleets and few people in the team but today we have grown exponentially just because of our quality services to the clients. We never let down the trust of our clients in us and that the reason for our growth. We provide service at optimum rate which can note even matched nearby by our competitors.

We provide a cab which is regularly maintained up to date. Our cabs are cleaned and sanitized to avoid any discomfort to our passengers. Apart from this we equipped our all cab with basic safety device to avoid any mishap to our passengers. We have regularised and professional chauffeur who are perfect at their work. They have good behaviour and temperament that they never going to annoy you. They will never let down any legitimate demand and always ready to follow what you demand.
All these features make us the best choice among commuters in Melbourne.  


We provide the best airport transportation facility to our client by making them reach for flight without getting delay and in a comfortable manner. We cater all your demand for Airport transfer so, whether it is your late-night flight or traveling with a large number of people and luggage together, it’s not an issue with our cab service.


We provide special silver taxi travel to the clients who are looking for extra comfort and elite appearance while traveling or entering any special event. If you are going for any corporate event or family event then this cab is best suited as this cab will affect your luxurious appearance in the event. This cab is driven by a well-dressed chauffeur who will add extra marks in your appearance to your event.


: If you are a professional from a business background and looking for any corporate event in the city then we are the best choice for you. We provide a wide range of enhanced facilities to the corporate client which add up overall in your performance in the meeting. We understand your work so our chauffeur will always be ready for events where you may have to reach in hurry.


We have a large number of cabs with varying features to fulfill your varying demand. All of our cabs are regularized and passed quality and pollution checks before being used for you. They are maintained regularly to avoid any breakdown while ferrying passengers. Glimpse of our cab with their features have been discussed below:

Standard Taxi

This is a standard taxi having the capacity to handle people up to 4 people with small handbags. This cab has all the basic facilities in it to make your ride comfortable. It is driven by proficient chauffeurs having plenty of years of experience in driving.

Silver Taxi

This cab has a special glossy appearance to make your entrance extraordinary in your special event. This cab has sufficient legroom and reclining seats to give you extra comfort while traveling. It is driven by a well-dressed chauffeur to add up elite appearance in it.

SUV Wagon

This is a spacious cab having extra space for your luggage. This cab has the capacity to handle up to 7 people at a time. If you are looking for going long-distance travel with your family then this cab is best suited for you. This is an economic cab if you travel in a group.

Maxi Van

This van has the capacity to handle up to 11 people at a time. This van is best suited if you are looking to spend leisure time in touring places in Melbourne with your family, friend, or colleague. This van has recliner seats, television, and other refreshing amenities to avoid boredom in long-hour rides. This van can be used to ferrying a group of children from school.


There are various cab service provider in the Melbourne but the services which we provide at minimal rate is still unmatched by any of the competitors in the field of cab transfer. Our commitment to the cab service in Melbourne has made us at the top of the leading board of the competitors. It is the satisfaction of our customers which motivates us to do the best for you. That’s why we are still improving day by day and today we are the best cab service provider in the city. Apart from commitments, we have the following noticeable features in our cab service

Secure & Safe

We provide high standard safety and security to our passengers during travel. We have an elite group of cabs which are equipped with all safety devices of modern days. Our cab drivers also have good morale and etiquette that you will be never feel annoyed with them in having chat.

Sanitised Vehicle

Our cabs are neat and clean from inside and outside as well. We follow standard procedures to wash them daily in our cab washing centers. Apart from this, our chauffeur sanitizes the cabs through sanitizing spray and wipes after every ride. We are fully committed to your health even after you leave the cab so we do not take any unseen risk and provide you sanitized cab before you enter it

Experienced Drivers

We have highly professional drivers who possess all certificates which are necessary for being professional drivers. They have passes all Professional and physical tests before entering our team. They are proficient enough and know about all localities in Melbourne and all its suburban areas. They know all alternative routes in the city to avoid delay due to the condition of heavy traffic jams in the city.

24/7 Availability

We are available for all 365 days and 24×7 hours for you. Irrespective of any festival and holidays we are ready to serve you with the same high level of performance. We have a fully dedicated team working day and night to make your ride hassle-free. So if you want to travel in late-night or have any other concern then you can reach at any time without any hesitation.

No Hidden Cost

We provide excellent service at a cost-effective rate. Our cost is fixed and you can see that cost estimate just by selecting the type of cab, entering the pick and drop point, and time at which you want to travel. So we have a fully transparent transaction system to avoid any last-minute surprise hike in the bill. We respect your hard-earned money.

Customers First

We have a policy to satisfy customer’s legitimate demand at any cost. It is the source of motivation to satisfy the customer for their needs. The list of clients is long who always use our services for any transportation need in Melbourne, and it is growing day by day due to our customer’s centric policies. Our chauffeurs are always ready to cover the extra mile and make you drop on the exact dropping point.


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